Very Small Lap Harp: Mini Luna 2x22

very small double strung harp Mini-Luna2x22
Harp with light
Mini-Luna with lights
light and small harp

Small Double Strung Lap Harp with 2 x 22 strings

Easily portable small double strung lap harp

This very small and light double strung travel harp offers a range of 2 x 22 strings despite its small size of 50 x 33 x 3 cm and low weight of approx. 1.7 kg.


 It can be played very nicely while sitting as a lap harp.


 The sound box can be attached or removed quickly and easily using magnets.


 It is possible to tune the harp in C major, E flat major or any other desired key.


The string tension is high.


 Completely made in Germany. 


Play the harp anytime and anywhere

As the little harp is nice and quiet, it can also be played on the go in hotels, on campsites, outdoors or even at night without disturbing anyone. 


Playing the harp with lighting

The optional lighting allows you to keep an overview even in poor lighting conditions.


This simple and inexpensive solution consists of a penlight attached with magnets.


It has 3 brightness levels and can be recharged via USB cable. 


Different bags for transporting the harp

Depending on your requirements, there are various inexpensive standard bags that are suitable for transporting the small harp with ease.


With backpack straps:                                          bag 1


With shoulder strap:                                             bag 2


A bit smaller and very light without padding:  bag 3




                                 Non-EU States:  

Please ask at your local customs authority about customs                                         and taxes for import   


       Mini-Luna 2x22:                              445,- Euro

      Pickup K&K Big Twin:                     122,- Euro

      Harp Lights:                                       20,- Euro

      Strap buttons and guitar strap:      20,- Euro

      Set of extra strings:                          50,- Euro

      Bag 1   backpack straps:                  34,- Euro

      Bag 2   shoulder strap:                     18,- Euro

      Bag 3   without padding:                  18,- Euro


                      EU-States including 19% VAT:


       Mini-Luna 2x22:                                530,- Euro

      Pickup K&K Big Twin:                       145,- Euro

      Harp Lights:                                         25,- Euro

      Strap buttons and guitar strap:       25,- Euro

      Set of extra strings:                            60,- Euro 

      Bag 1   backpack straps:                   39,- Euro

      Bag 2   shoulder strap:                      22,- Euro

      Bag 3   without padding:                   22,- Euro  


small double strung harp
Bag 2