Travel Harp Luna: Small Harp Big Sound

Travel Harp Luna34

  New Model 2023: Front Pillar made from cherry wood

Luna Harp, new tuning pins

          New Tuning Pins: Tuning with the right hand

Travel Harp Luna34
small harp, travel harp

Travel harp Luna32 front side

Travel harp Luna 32 strings, small harp

Travel harp Luna32 played outdoors

Very small and light harp 34 strings

Travel harp Luna34

Travel Harp Luna34 with 34 strings

Travel harp Luna34

Small harp - large range

The travel harp Luna was developed with the aim to create a small harp with a large range. 


Producing a warm resonant sound

Usually the compromise to build a small, lightweight harp results in a relatively small gamut (mostly in a range of 25-28 strings) as well as a small sound box.

Thus the swinging soundboard and the cavity of the soundbox are small and prevent a resonant, warm sound.


Distinctly Superior to other travel harps

The harp model Luna’s construction diverges from the norm and despite a very small overall size we achieved a large, swinging soundboard and large sound box – generating a warm, full and strong sound that stands out distinctly to other travel harps.

It´s a big sound.


Travel harp Luna with 34, 32 or 27 strings

The lateral attachment of the strings allows for 34 strings on a size of only approx 30/22/4 inch (78/55/10 cm). That´s smaller than a harpsicle. Luna is also available with 27 strings.


However the Luna27 does not have the full and warm sound of the other Lunas, because it only has a thin body, similar to other comparabele instruments on the market.


Patented sound improvement

With travel harp Luna 34  the corpus widens at the bottom leading to an essential sound improvement (patented).

Thus the sound becomes warm, soft and full.


Strictly speaking and by definition Luna’s construction is not a harp but it has the same tuning (E flat major) and alignment of strings as a standard harp.


Because the string tension is rather small as customary with travel harps the Luna harp already responds to a light touch.



Extremely light and portable travel harp

With a weight of approx. 8,7 lbs (4,0 kg) and stored in a backpack the Luna can be transported nearly as easily a guitar.


Travel harp Luna is completely produced in Germany.



Please use the contact form to inquire about delivery charges to your country.

small travel harp 32 strings
Travel Harp Luna 32 strings, small harp

Travel harp Luna34 with harpstand

Travel Harp Luna 27 strings

Travel harp Luna with 27 strings

Travel harp Luna27 backside