Double-strung Luna 2x30

Double Strung Harp
Double Strung Harp Luna 2 x 30
Travel Harp 2 x 30

Small Double-strung Harp

Travel harp with 60 strings

Although the double-strung harp Luna 2 x 30 with a total of 60 strings opens up completely new possibilities and offers sufficient range for almost all pieces, it is still very easily transportable with its size of about 31 x 20 x 3,5 inch (+Camac Levers).


The weight is about 11 lbs.



Advantages of a double-strung harp

Due to the double row stringing it is possible to accommodate twice the number of strings on the same size of the harp.


The hands do not get in each other's way when playing and accompaniment and melody can be played on the same octave.


With the double-strung harp it is also possible to set the levers differently for each row of strings.



Accessories for double-strung Luna

For the Double-strung harp Luna 2 x 30 the same accessories can be used as for the travel harp Luna.


Luna is completely produced in Germany.



Please use the contact form to inquire about delivery charges to your country.


Travel Harp Double Strung
Double Harp