Small Electric Harp: Electric Luna

Smallest electric harp with 34 strings

Electric Harp: Electric Luna
Pearlescent White
Electric Harp, E-Harp
Matt Black
Electric Harp Natural Oil Finish
Natural Oil Finish
Harp Stand for Electric Harp
Harp Stand for playing sitting
Harp Stand for playing standing
Harp Stand for playing standing
Harp Bag for Electric Harp
Electric Luna with Headphone amplifier
Electric Luna with Harp Stand
Strap set for electric harp
Electric Luna backside

The well-established and popular travel harp Luna is now also available as an electric harp.


Due to its unique design, where the strings are attached on the side of the harp body, this 34-string electric harp has exceptionally small dimensions.



Only 30 inch (78 cm) long and 22 inch (55 cm) wide, it is very easy to carry around.



Harp stand and strap set

With a harp stand, to which the harp can be screwed at different heights, the electric harp can be played well while sitting.


Another stand offers the possibility to play standing up.


It is also the possible to play the Electric Luna while standing up by wearing it with a strap.


A strap set is available, consisting of a guitar strap with safe locking strap holders (Schaller S-Locks) and a screw-on body support that prevents the harp from tipping over to the side.



Padded harp bag

The harp bag for the Electric Luna is well padded and has room for all accessories, such as the harp stand and the strap kit.


Thanks to the attached backpack straps, the electric harp can easily be carried on your back.



Practice playing the harp anytime, anywhere

Unamplified, the electric harp is very quiet because it has no soundboard and no resonator.


Therefore it is easily possible to practice with this harp while you travel, e. g. in hotel rooms or on campgrounds.


But even at home, playing without an amplifier means roommates or neighbors are not bothered.



Piezo pickup and preamplifier

The sound is not picked up at individual points of the sound body, as it usually is with electro-acoustic harps, but with a continuous, special piezo-cable directly on each individual string.


This cable is fully shielded against interfering electromagnetic influences and converts the vibration of the strings directly into an electrical signal without going through the sound body.


This means,  knocking or rubbing noises on the harp body are transmitted far less than with acoustic harps with piezo pickups on the body or on the soundboard.


A strong output signal is achieved with an active preamplifier (using a 9 volt block battery).

The battery can be easily changed via a battery compartment on the back of the harp.


The preamplifier itself has a built-in volume control and a 4-band equalizer that is also easy to reach and use while playing.



Amplifying the electric harp

The electric harp can be connected via a 6.3 mm jack plug. There are different possibilities:


Headphone amplifier: 

Directly via a small, battery-operated headphone amplifier on the harp and independent of sockets.

               Sample1                      Sample2


Amplifier with speakers:

Battery powered or AC powered through an acoustic guitar amplifier.

      Sample1                   Sample2                  Sample3


PA system:

For professional performances, the Electric Luna can be connected directly to the mixer of a PA system and controlled by the sound engineer.


Via interface to a smart phone, tablet or PC:

The electric harp can be connected to digital devices via an interface.

A large number of apps with digital effects are available. 

Audio recordings can be saved directly to the computer.



Effect devices:

There are countless effect pedals and devices on the market that can be used with the Electric Luna, e. g. chorus, reverb, looper,...

Many acoustic guitar amplifiers already have various effects.





Range:                 34 strings  C2 - a6

String spacing:  lowest strings 14 mm, highest strings                                  12,5 mm (space between the strings)

Strings:               Steel core with copper wrap, Nylon                                        core with copper wrap, Carbon

Weight:               about 12 lb (ca. 5,5 kg)

Size:                     30 x 22 inch

Levers:                Camac

Colours:              Black     -      Pearlescent white

                              Natural Oil Finish

Country of origin:          Germany



Prices for Electric harp and accessories

Non-Eu States (Prices without customs and taxes)


Electric Luna (Black/White):    2.940,- Euro

               (Natural Oil Finish):     2.690,- Euro

Harp Bag:                                       202,- Euro

Harp Stand sitting:                      160,- Euro

Harp Stand standing:                 185,- Euro

Harp Strap Set:                               75,- Euro



EU States (Prices including 19% VAT)


Electric Luna (Black/White):    3.500,- Euro

              (Natural Oil Finisch):    3.200,- Euro

Harp Bag:                                       240,- Euro

Harp Stand sitting:                      190,- Euro

Harp Stand standing:                  220,- Euro

Harp Strap Set:                                89,- Euro